8 October 2018 On Facebook:

Recently finished a new painting, Azathoths Traum. Fans of HP Lovecraft will be familiar with the character of Azathoth, the blind idiot god who sleeps in the center of the Universe. The framing itself was its own project. I found a creamy-white frame at a thrift store that just happened to work, but needed some repainting and some embellishments. You can check out the end result on the sale listing for that piece.

Elsewhere, Solstice has been published on Pidgeonholes, in the company of two micro-fiction passages by David Drury. Also, Canyon Voices has selected four pieces for publication in their Fall 2018 issue. And last up in publication updates, Dark Ink Press Magazine has selected two piece for Fall 2018 publication, one of which will grace the cover of the issue.

Last in new updates to pass along, Die Heiligsprechung was accepted to The Damned Exhibition this year, so if you're planning to be in the Detroit area the weekend of October 25th, it is highly recommended that you check it out, but make sure you get your tickets in advance.